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AuthorTopic: Excuse me?
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Excuse me? What did you mean in that topic "REBAN"?
I have never been banned from these forums before and the point of banning me simply for 1 topic seems a little over board.
my first day and i have been shouted at by someone i havent even met. why is this so?
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In before the lock.

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Okay, let's pretend that you already admitted to being Ed, who was banned from these forums. Now, I must ask you: why did you come back, and why did you not learn?

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Originally written by Kelandon
Well, I'm at least pretty

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"someone i havent even met"

lol. Welcome to the Internet.

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Originally written by The:
Okay, let's pretend that you already admitted to being Ed, who was banned from these forums. Now, I must ask you: why did you come back, and why did you not learn?
Hmmmm, well I guess i just like everyone here. I mean, you know, its cool being like, part of the community and all that.
you know, it just sucks when u try and show ur sorry and no one like listens. it just breaks the peace if you get my drift. everyone deserves a second chance.
A ban is such a harsh punishment, i think like maybe it should just be lifted for this once. you know, put me on a life sentence. just monitor me for the whole rest of my time here and if i break anything ban me and make it perm. that time.
I seriously like think this is a good way to go, i mean give me like the chance to prove my peace. you know, radical peace. i think you should consider it, you know like give me the chance to prove myself.

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There is a spell in some of the Phantasy Star games called "REBAN." IIRC it's actually quite useful -- a stat boost of some variety.

The sad thing is we will never know if this new Ed is really the same as the old Ed, or is just someone else being stupid.

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I expected having to prove it to you, but I guess that counts as a confession.

That's not how it works. You were banned temporarily two months ago and then banned permanently after evading the ban. You had a discussion with Stareye who explained to you quite clearly that you are not welcome here anymore.

You don't get parole after two months here. Ask some people who've been gone the past two years. You can move to another continent and change your name and writing style, and you might be able to fool us, but otherwise it will save us all time if you just find yourself another forum. K?

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