Dark Chaos is back

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AuthorTopic: Dark Chaos is back
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iv decided to come back after much perswasion from my friend bomber.
he says the forums have become some pathetic place were no on posts anymore and he has become the targit of critisim in stead of me well now im back

p.s the spelling mistakes are there for others to diss just to give me something to laugh at...ha ha ha ha ha :P :P :P :P

edit:and if you want to close this topic you must first state how it brakes the coad of conduct other wise you are braking the rules :eek:

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The toad of conduct? What?

Well, this could arguably qualify as spam. And I seriously doubt that anything good will come of it.

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Is there some unwriten Spiderweb rule that a new troll comes along every few months or so? In the short time that I have been here, we've gone through Eddie, Arghhhhhhhhh, and Shaper Lord. Now we've got this thing. Does it ever end?

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My toad of conduct has croaked, and authorized me to slam the rule brakes until they're glowing.



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