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In spite of recent events on these boards (I'm sure I don't have to say anymore) I've decided to raise a point. I'm quite positive I'm not the only one who realizes that if TM was not TM, he would be long gone. TM is quite efficient at being an *******, as once again as I'm sure you've all noticed, but hear this. Does hanging around and contributing little more than a few addictive scenarios and a pissy attitude about everything and everyone give one special privileges? Honestly, TM has been banned twice and yet he never ceases to find a reason to be a cock. I don't expect any of you good moderators or administrators to take action against TM, but I know that others have noticed this, just getting it out.

*E-Master awaits flames and abuse.*

EDIT: And to further support my position, he ran off an innocent newbie who seemed could have contributed a lot to these boards.

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So, why do you feel the need to swear on censored boards? Are you frustrated? Do you wish something would change? Pull up a couch and explain to me your relationship with your mother.

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Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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If you look beyond the name-calling, TM actually has a lot to contribute. Frankly, his ideas are always more interesting than most, and they are sometimes more intelligent.

The personal attacks are lame, but you have to admit he's an equal opportunity insulter. He calls things like he sees them. Yeah, sometimes it's distasteful, but I find that far preferable to using ugly language in a calculated attack on someone (see the first post in this thread).

Finally, your reference to "an innocent newbie who seemed could have contributed a lot to these boards" has got to be a joke. Everyone here could theoretically contribute a lot if they wanted, but let's be fair, nothing about the newbie in question made him a likely candidate. Spamming is lame, and lying is lamer.

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Well he is a tool. But I don't see why that warrants a new topic.

Edit: I should add that his scenarios are generally top-notch. Any way this topic looks like lock material.

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It's already been established. The reason that TM can stick around is that he's generally useful to both the BoE and BoA communities, and occasionally capable of contributing to intelligent discussion. However, this does not mean that the moderation staff does not dearly wish that he would choose to be useless less frequently. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the newbie who TM "ran off" was not the most desirable sort and several other people could easily lay claim to having done this as well.

That said, this topic is a blatant attack topic, and I'm certainly not going to leave it open.
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