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AuthorTopic: Important People
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Regarding your poll name: Why did you do important 'people' is there are only males in there?

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You say, "hello"
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Originally written by Dirac Whither:

Regarding your poll name: Why did you do important 'people' if there are only males in there?
Because, in spite of Robin's quote in my sig, Spiderweb is steeped in testosterone. If I may therefore pose another question: How many ladies have posted in this topic so far?

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Originally written by Hairier Erratic Aircrew:

Oussamma ben Laudun has been hiding in plain sight for some time.
Aha! The U.S. government has been hunting for him in the world's telephone directories under the wrong name. No wonder he's never been found.

Ah me, fragile bureaucracies are so easily foiled. The CIA is probably still using an obsolete Arabic-transcription system developed in the 1840s.

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I feel like dancing the polka after reading this thread. Don't ask me why. its this sudden impulses people get after reading something totaly ridiculous. Hmmm... In the last few months that i visited the SW boards I have danced tge polka at least 54 times...

My feet hurt.

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