Its that time of the year again

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AuthorTopic: Its that time of the year again
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MSPaint rules. So does whatever default image editing program comes with Macs. Anything else is for sissies.

"Anymore" sounds normal to me too.

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Default image editing for Mac is something of a question mark. Some Macs ship with Appleworks, I think, and that has a good paint setup. Powerbooks don't come with Appleworks, though. They have GraphicConverter, which includes some more advanced but less intuitive image editing (and no paintbrush that I can find). Then there's, OmniGraffle, which is excellent for creating diagrams and, as best I can tell from five minutes of trying, really difficult to paint with.

In conclusion, there is no single default Mac application like MS Paint. The Appleworks suite probably comes closest, and it's not on all Macs.

—Alorael, who finds this very disturbing. Is he missing an application in his GIMP and Illustrator (and Appleworks) snobbery?
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Originally written by Archmage Alex:

Supanik, Aran: Picky, picky.

It's SupaNik.


But, on the topic of image editors, I got bored of paint. Paint Shop Pro is better, and version 5 is free! Still, paint is good for writing rude words and blaming it on your brother...

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Originally written by Archmage Alex:

"Anymore" seemed normal to me. Maybe it is local.
Tut tut. Nobody, but nobody, uses "anymore" anymore!

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