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AuthorTopic: Jack Vance wizards
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Before too long I will realize a long-held dream of being able to assign names to a number of computers in a small network. Since everybody and her dog does Tolkien names, my plan is to do Dying Earth wizards.

The first big machine must naturally be Iucounu. I also have in mind to name a machine Maugifer, after Makke the Maugifer. Faucelme is another obvious choice, and Pharesme has some appeal. If one machine stands out for its power, it can perhaps be Phandaal.

I welcome further suggestions, or arguments for and against the ones I have mentioned. A desirable quality is having a good quote involving the name. (E.g. for Maugifer: 'Persons could lift their eyes to his countenance once, and with effort twice, but never three times, so great was the force of his maugery.')

The printer attached to Iucounu must of course be Sadlark. A little iBook destined to travel far will be Cugel.

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Isn't it obvious?

He has the opportunity to name a network of computers, so he is naming them after wizards from the Dying Earth books, which are written by Jack Vance. He wants us to suggest which names he should use. Since I doubt most people here have read the Dying Earth series, I don't think he will get many suggestions.

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I haven't either. But although I'm a Tolkien fan, I'd most likely wouldn't choose computer names from LotR. Rather, say, Myst (though whether to name them after Ages or characters, I'm not sure). Or perhaps Avernum characters, just to make sure nobody knows what the hell it's about. :P

The network in our university names them after elements; the mailserver is "Thorium" for example.

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Well, I've read the books, but it's been too long for me to really remember anyone. Wish I could be of more help.

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