This one time at band camp...

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AuthorTopic: This one time at band camp...
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So I'm a band geek, no doubt about it. Like all enthusiastic Percussion Captains in the world of marching bands, I was a band geek before I even joined band. And like all band geeks, I've gone through those summer days of tramping around on dead grass in the middle of a field again and again under the blazing hot sun in an unreality known as Band Camp.

So, for all my fellow band friends out there, what's your most memorable Band Camp story?

I gotta say mine is either half the guys' dorm, uh, applying icy-hot to their nether regions (I highly recommend it for any other guys out there) or two of the girls in the Pit bringing an enormous inflatable baby pool to Band Camp, inflating and fitting it exactly into their dorm room, filling it up with buckets from the girls' bathroom, and then mixing about three boxes of Tang into it. Or the same girls snorting a line of powdered lemonade. Yeah, good times.

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Fo shizzle, my lord.

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One of the section Percussion Captains (I can't figure out how they're divided, but I think it was the Quad Captain) almost stabbed me in the nuts with a drumstick. And for the rest of the night, people were suddenly making lunges at my crotch region.

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