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Originally written by Marvin, the paranoid android:

It says:

Goddamit Mark (
:) )!!!

The rest I wouldn't say, unless mark allows me too.

well, i don't mind if you tell them, but they probably don't get a single clue of what it's about :P it's just extremely stupid, and without the sense of humor we have, it's just dull and futile...

but if anyone really, really wants the translation of it, well... you can't have it :P oh well, why not... but i'm not gonna translate it for you :D

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When you are at school, you wish you where old enough to work.
When you are old enough to work, you wish you were at school.
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Originally written by Not I:

Okay, for those of you who don't speak German, he was saying,"

Anyway, I couldn't stand to watch more than 5 minutes of that damn demented movie.

That, sir, is Dutch. Confusing it with German is a faux-pas that would be unwise to make while travelling in the Netherlands.

Also, your translation was worse than hawk king's translation of the BoA article (at least he had the sense to use Google and lie about it, rather than guess :P ).

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