hey, the oldest sign in here

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AuthorTopic: hey, the oldest sign in here
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i got an idea:that the members of the forum with most post, at least more than 1000, should reply here so they can show to the likes of me how crappy we are for having less that 100 posts :(

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There's quite a few over 1000, and most aren't active, but...

Ooh, posting gamz. *laughs evilly*

Aran needs to run his script and make up a new list of the top overall posters.


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I really don't understand this obsession with post counts, but I guess I'm not one to talk...

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Rugby news:
The Cape Times, who had seen the players' menus, reported that each member of the Aussie team was asked to nominate a teammate to be "sacrificed in the name of culinary delights" if a plane had to go down. Afterwards, they left their questionnaires lying on the tables at the restaurant.

The instructions state: "You must nominate a player for each dish and how you would prepare them. Ways to present them include on a spit, marinated, skewered, boiled, in dumplings etc. Be creative, But it is your view only. No comparing notes!!!!"

Matt Dunning, the porky prop, fined Aus$500 (US$350) for being out at an inappropriate hour, seemed to make it on to most players' menu.

Wing Lote Tuqiri said he would prepare him for starters. "Plenty enough to go around for a fair size entree, with sweet and sour sauce."

Dunning is also skipper George Gregan's choice of main dish "sweet pork, slowly roasted".

And who would Tuqiri have for desert? Morgan Turinui, who has a podgy centre. "The amount of sweets he puts in, it's got to rub off in his meat somewhere," Tuqiri said.

Fly-half Stephen Larkham would chomp down on Drew Mitchell's nuts for dessert. "Very rare, quite a big feed, never been used."

What would undoubtedly be hard to stomach is Chris "Can Cook" Whitaker's starter. The reserve No.9 would prepare flanker Rocky Elsom's fried foreskin in butter, garlic, chilli and parsley.

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chicho, please don't feel as if older members are trying to belittle those with fewer posts; they're just celebrating their own membership. Celebrating one's 40th birthday isn't meant as an insult to people under 40, is it?

Everyone else, uh, please don't spam. This topic isn't very good and has the potential to get a lot worse, so I'm closing it now.

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