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AuthorTopic: C GUI?
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I'm currently trying to learn C. I have a book and I've almost reached the end. However, I've looked all through it and it doesn't say anything about implementing a GUI, and all of the programs (if you want to call them that) I've written are in DOS. It is possible to use a GUI in a program written in C, isn't it?

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In all seriousness, the way you implement a GUI is going to depend heavily on the operating system you're writing it for. Read up on the operating system's API before you try anything fancy. Of course, if you're planning to write it to work with a cross-platform windowing system like X11, then things are a little different again.

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It's most definitely possible, but not usually done. To create a GUI, in C, you'll need to familiarize yourself with your OS's native API. For Windows this is the WinAPI, for OS X its the Carbon API. The references for these can be found on msdn.microsoft.com, and for Carbon API somewhere in apple.com.

To my knowledge, most if not all GUIs are now written in C++ (rather than C). The only GUI I know of that's been written in C is the Original/3D BoA Editor, and if you look at its code you'll realize why people use C++. I would suggest learning a bit of C++ first, and then looking into GUI frameworks, as this will greatly simplify your programming.

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