How to save Stroke Victims

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AuthorTopic: How to save Stroke Victims
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I found this on a forums. Hope you like it. (I DIDN'T MAKE IT!)

Sent this to 3 forums, some of my online friends on msn, aim, and yahoo. :-)

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Why did you post this?

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The person who posted this "very important and very useful" information seems to have forgotten to mention the first thing that should be done is to call for emergency assistance. Also, they did not mention the symptoms of a stroke.

It seems by suggesting bloodletting that they are assuming the particular case is a hemorrhagic stroke, but how did they determine that? My knowledge of strokes is limited, but it seems unlikely that a few pin sized finger pricks will significantly help such a problem.

A Transient Ischemic Attack (which has similar symptoms) occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is briefly interrupted, so bloodletting in this case is not productive either.

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So it's decided: that thread is useless. And besides, I doubt the poster read the entire thread. There's some contradiction going on there, in addition to being complete ****.

yes i just got a responce from my old therapist who has a minor in nursing. she said none of this will actually relive symptoms of a stroke although your not to move the person in any way
If you think someone's having a stroke and have no training in the matter, call 911 rather than using the method mentioned. Because if you're inexperienced enough to use the method, your diagnosis is probably wrong.
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Yes, this is pretty ridiculous. Pricking someone's fingers and ears is not going to do anything to clear pooled or clotted blood from inside the brain.

Incidentally, the aspirin advice later in the thread is harmful if the stroke was caused by bleeding (as 1/3 of strokes are) rather than a blood clot. Even in the case of a blood clot, breaking up the clot can trigger bleeding in nearby areas of the brain and further brain injury.

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DUDE! Check the other people's posts on it.. Others shown the symptoms of a stroke.\

Edit: I mean on the site i shown.

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Hugnam, dear, your post at the top of this topic indicates that you may have the slightest inclination to spamming.

While we appreciate prolific posters who add originality and sparkle to our forum, we try to discourage spam, gently at first, but then with increasing firmness until finally the boys are allowed to work the perpetrator over with extreme violence.

I hope it never reaches that stage.

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Aren't you just a sweetie, Saunders? :P

Hugna, I don't think that there's ever been much posted on CO's forum, that was ever really worth reading or even technically accurate. Sure, I'll take computer advice from such people, if they don't have an evil smile on their face, while giving it, but medical advice? I'll take the advice of the professionals, over people who post on an online forum. Especially on a life-threatening matter.

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