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Exerpt from "Happiness is a Lead Pipe" by Jeff Vogel

Happiness is a hug.

Happiness is a hug, delivered in a firm, unyielding way, lingering for just a bit too long, in order to communicate the message "I own you."

Happiness is a hug, delivered in a firm, forceful way, snapping the spine just halfway up, in order to communicate the message "You mildly irritated me."

—Alorael, who thinks that just about sums it up. For the record, Jeff Vogel apparently heartily endorses Kel's policy.
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Originally written by Drakefyre:

And note that Wise Man is one of the three candidates to have been banned before.
I'd like to think of it as a sort of trial-by-fire. The best moderator wouldn't have thorough knowledge of "forum criminals" if he wasn't one himself, at at one point or another.

Note that I was an admin of TCoA, the founder of the now-deceased Wise Forums, and am a major moderator on Polaris. Also note that I've been around since the Ikonboard days, for the newer members of the community.

As you can see, that would put my knowledge, experience and skill in moderation far above that of nowaday's "popular" candidates, especially those relatively new to the community. Therefore, a vote for Wise Man is a vote for the most efficient, most effective choice around.

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Personally, I am thinking that experience is being far over-rated by far too many people. It helps, yes, but it's not like moderating is rocket science. Besides, how many of our recognizably good moderators had these boards as their first place of moderation?

Also, it would seem to me that those who are moderators for other forums/boards would have less time to be moderating this forum.

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Although I have moderated at TCOA and Chance, with positive feedback all around, I do not moderate at either forum any more. The original TCOA died out some time ago, and I have not been involved in the replacement forum, PhoenixNinjas. I also left Chance some time ago, as it had become quite dull there, with no new blood or excitement at all. I dedicate the vast majority of my time online to this forum nowadays, and as a moderator I will hardly be distracted by outside commitments.


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Wise Man is also the co-admin on PhoenixNinjas.

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I personally don't see what effect being a mod/admin has on your capabilities for SW. Sure, you get some experience, but those forums are a lot different to these. Polaris is a lot quieter (with under 100 members) and Desperance...well, I'm not quite sure. Forums like that have a lot less members, a lot less posts, and they have a totally different community. Experience is the only thing that benefits your campaign.

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