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I just made this post to get the 100th reply. Am I a spammer?
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Sometimes :P

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You have sacrificed your posting honor to the greater glory of the thread. Personally, though, I would return your sword for making a new page, so that I don't have to keep seeing the previous page's first post before scrolling down. It wasn't all that horrible, but I was pretty tired of it.

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Originally written by An Upright stranger:

I feel so much older now (what's the expression?): A part of my childhood has died (or something like that).
I meant: I didn't know that people did those sorts of things. My blissful ignorance of such people has been ripped away. Maybe this makes better sense.

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Oh, people do all sorts of things. Were it not for the CoC, I could list them in far more detail than you'd ever want.

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Originally written by Medicine Man:

I just made this post to get the 100th reply. Am I a spammer?
Some may say yes for simply asking. It is similar to starting a 'Karma' topic or asking for a custom title off Drakey.

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A member a while back, Rowen or something, actually got canned for posting similar things as MM ie. "Yay, 100th post in the topic!" on two different occasions very close together. I would discouage such posts without something *cough*useful*cough*well*cough*how about*cough*else.

Oh, and my back on topic thing was to attempt to discourage further discussion about sex partners. ;)

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For those who love to spam:
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