Why ? what did I do ?

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AuthorTopic: Why ? what did I do ?
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After various people commented on the sibling excuse not working, JadeWolf "owns up" with the sibling excuse, (as it would look more plausible now, than when confronted?).

Being canned doesnt help ones credability either.

I'm not good with "innocent until proven guilty" especially on a medium which truth is so easy to falsify.

Edit: One must also query whether Alorael or Imban making this a public trial, for lack of a better term, was a good move?

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I'm rather glad my own brother no longer uses this computer for browsing the Internet. I'd be busted if he caught 4chan in my Net History. Gladly, I've set up a password on this computer to that account, and my brother just uses his account to play games, our Mac to surf the web.

But before that, we really used to go at each other's e-throats, sabotaging each other's message board accounts and whatnot, until I learned to lock him off the comp with my l33t Windows skills, so my sympathies for Hawk King.

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I suppose that, given everything, it doesn't really matter. JadeWolf, you've learned your lesson either way. If you did it, don't do it again or you will certainly take the blame. If you didn't do it, don't let your cousin do it again, or you will certainly take the blame.

My apologies, Hawk King, for having not resolved this sooner.
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