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AuthorTopic: Mac Gamers out there...
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I know this is a bit off topic as it's not about a spiderweb game, but there are more mac gamers here than anywhere else I know of.

My problem is with Tropico Mucho Macho...
I believe it is corrupting my emac on system 10.3.9.

Have any of you had these types of problems or possibly know of a tropico site for macs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've never even heard of it, but what kind of problems with "corruption" are you having?

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I couldn't find any Tropico for Mac sites, but if you post in the forums here or here, someone will probably be able to help you.
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Thanks ET, both those sites look pretty active and may turn up a link...

Thuryl, Tropico is a wonderful island sim game with about 40 scenarios where you aare the dictator/benevolent overlord/religious fanatic. Like simcity, but a lot more variables. Amazon has one for $7.99.
You have 50 years to build your economy, keep natives happy, fight rebels, attract tourists, most everything you want...

As for the corruption. It has to do something with the btree...I figured it was a good (not corrupting) program, but I haven't had the reoccuring problems since I quit playing and miss it.

As for the problems...rolling gear in grey and blue screens, startups in unix, freezes, crashes, had to wipe hard drive a couple times...Got disc warrior and things are better, but when I was playing game, had to run disc warrior a couple times a week... Those b trees are not any fun to mess with...My clients all threatened to quit me, as I had to reinstall all my programs and setup 'puter several times...What a pain. You should read my logs of discussions with applecare...They were another horror show.

So I'm wondering if other mac users have had the same problems. This is the mucho macho version only, and problems didn't start until 10.3.8. Tropico plays great, but has less features.

“Where did this apple come from?”
--Alan Turing
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