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AuthorTopic: 64bit trouble
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I have bought a new pc with Athlon 64 and I am currently using windows64. Is there any way to run the old exile games (1-3)? Compatibility options and letting it run in a seperate memory space won't work...
I understand that the games are not meant to be played on such machine, but I could be wrong ;)

By the way, all Avernums and geneforges run regularly. Oh, and great board...
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Thank you. :cool:

I think it might be because the Exile games are 16-bit applications and the Avernum games are 32-bit (I'm not totally sure though). Maybe the new 64-bit processors are just not meant to run 16-bit applications.


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tr6y VMWare Virtual Workstation to emulate a 16 or 32 bit PC.

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Windows XP x64 Edition doesn't support 16-bit programs anymore so older games and programs using 16-bit won't run on it. You'll have to try the program the Takeru Takashi offered and hope for the best

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You could try an emulator like DOSBox, maybe? It's made to run on a 32 bit processor, but the 64 bit windows can run 32 bit apps, can't it? It's open source, too, so you could always compile it to work on a 64 bit system yourself if you wanted, too! If someone else hasn't already done that, that is.

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Well, the VMWare Virtual Workstation can't register its classes to create objects. It won't even start so... :(

I will check dosbox later, I had a version in my old pc...
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I will look for an 64 bit version...
Thanks for the replies though... :D
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