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AuthorTopic: ¿Newbie?
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Yeah you should try BOE and BOA!! But homeland an OK game try it if you want.....

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Ummm... I actually kinda liked those games, if you were taking the mickey out of them, Demonslayer, but I will point out to you, that after playing Homeland for an hour and almost getting RSI from all the darn clicking, I erased it from my HDD forever and kinda had thoughts about burning it from the face of the planet.

So don't even joke about that game. It is pure evil.

I do recommend BoA and BoE. Depending on what one you preferred, gameplay and graphics-wise, you should also consider trying either the Avernum series or the Exile series.

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Here I was thinking the sarcasm was so thick you could cut it with a knife... then sautee it, and feed it to your pet dragon whelping.

The critics agree!

Demonslayer is "a five star hit!" raves TIMES Weekly!

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Originally written by Gizmo:

Hi 'nother noob.

That alt+0000 thing is pretty neat. Is there a complete list of symbols somewhere already made?

There is kind of a list here
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Welcome, CJ Von. We've met before, on aim. :)
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I just use the character map. :/


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