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Hi, sorry about the Spanish part, I thought it would be more personal since that's my native language (spring, my Spanish is as fluid as my English and both as fluid as rapids: rough, continually broken, and often nearly incomprehensible.)

What I said before was:

And even if it is in a way that breaks, in a way, the space-time continuum, please allow me to tell you, Divine Lady of the SpiderWeb: May you be welcomed, again, to the threshold of the twilight zone where sanity and insanity mingled in a wonderful coctail.

(or something like that.)


"I suffer from spiritual malaise," said Cugel meaningfully. "which manifest itself in outburst of vicious rage. I implore you to depart, lest, in an uncontrollable spasm, I cut you in three pieces with my sword, or worse, I invoke magic."
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