The end of the stupidity.

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AuthorTopic: The end of the stupidity.
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common at least he apologized you gotta give him credit for that and he didn't start flaming her or anything. :P

Why are you reading this ?
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Originally written by me the master hahaha:

common at least he apologized you gotta give him credit for that and he didn't start flaming her or anything. :P
Translation: "Come on, at least he apologized. You've got to give him credit for that and for the fact that he didn't start flaming her or anything. :P


Imban, where are you? You wanted so badly to lock this before, and now, it is beginning a downward slide...Please, someone, perform a mercy killing on this thread before my whole original meaning is lost and buried beneath a pile of spam.

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For the benefit of clarity: In the Spiderweb Society, a large image has come to be used as a "topic blocker" that is intended to stop the thread and incite moderators to lock it. (Some evidence indicates this custom originates in the Desperance boards)

My theory is that, following the quote "an image is more than a thousand words", the immense flow of information contained in the picture simply overwhelms any sensible or insensible communication that might have taken place previously. That theory is supported by the fact that some have successfully used large bodies of texts (say, the full text of Kafkas's "Transformation", or Lucky's speech in Beckett's "Waiting for Godot") rather than images.

The actual content of the image does not matter as much as the size, though custom calls either for mangos, goats, photos of famous politicians/dictators, anime cartoons, adult-themed anime cartoons, or goatse, in order of increasing severity. The last, of course, has the added benefit of getting one banned faster than one can say "Code of Conduct".

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*draws blade, performs mercy killing*

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