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okay i say a word and u ppl say a word that is somehow related to it and so on. this is really fun so lets begin

i say: spider

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In before lock
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Yes, you may wish to go to Polaris for this thing. I believe that they have one that is beyond 100 pages and still going strong. ;)
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I believe TCOA, prior to its untimely destruction at the paws of TEH BOOGEYMAN, had one quite a bit longer than that.

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Not much longer, the rate at which it's growing. Polaris certainly has the longest active one in the Spiderweb network currently.

I also like posting in about to be locked topics.

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Got my post in!

Warm weather.

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Naked bishounen!

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http://www.gaiaonline.com/ has one that is over a thousand pages long.
Too bad the entire website sucks.

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This is the topic that isn't.

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