Want your brains to be eaten?

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AuthorTopic: Want your brains to be eaten?
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On to site site to get your brainns eaten
ME need brrrrrrrraaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnssssssssss

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I'm scared.

ahhahaha i rule u droool
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Just wanted to get one in before the inevitable lock.

In other news, if monkey brains are a delicacy, do you suppose that human brains taste good?

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Oh, come on, now you're not even trying anymore. =^.^=

By the way, what would you have to do to eat a plantoid's brain? Since they don't have a centralized nervous processing point or anything else resembing a typical animal brain, you'd probably have to eat the whole plant...and good luck getting a Malboro down whole.

Also, Kel, you've just made me ill. Congratulations. =^.^=;

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I'm sorry, everyone. I really am.

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