Lets talk politics!

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AuthorTopic: Lets talk politics!
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Actually Nico has it absolutely right. The Republicans have been big supporters of the energy and vehicle comglomerates for years.

They got away with everything up to and in some cases probably including, murder. The Republicans will not sign up to any emissions agreements whatsoever. And pulled out of Kyoto. (Yes Alec, it wasn't a particularly good treaty, but at least it tried)

Along with some "donations" (*Coughs repeatedly* PAYOFF!) to the Republican party in exchange and a nation where no-one asks that many questions when some-one "disappears" or magically changes their point of view after a new Porsche shows up in the drive.

Oh well, land of the free? Land of the corrupt.

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Originally written by FatBatMonkey:

Oh well, land of the free? Land of the corrupt.
That, my friend, is politics.

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I say, the optimism has all but completely left these politics discussions... Just R vs L again and again. Anyone ever going to talk about what the Democratic party or the Republican party or the [Insert name here] party did?

In other (rather old) news, I lost my election for precinct committeeman by 15 votes. Thought I'd let you know that I'm trying at least. On the other hand, the voter turnout was the highest it has been for this race in 4 years...

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