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Im gona be so fckkkknnnn disapointed if F3 is gona be like DX-2, I mean, DX-2 is a shame god damnit! A shame I tell you!

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I loved Fallout 1 and 2. I played both so many times I can't count them all. But when I played the other 'Fallout' games, it was a serious let down. Brotherhood of Steel and any other 'Fallout' games were crap. Not only were they not the same kind of game, they weren't very good for the type of game they were trying to be.

I hold little hope that F3 will have the same atmosphere as the first two, and I doubt it will be as good in other regards.

On a side note, attacking the Demonslayer like that was completely unjustified. Even if he hadn't played the games in question, there are several very simple tests that help determine if a game will be good, before it comes out. Naturally, they're still predictions, but I've been very accurate in the past about which games will be good and which will not be worth calling crap.

1. Is the company good? Is it a new company, an old one trying to do a different kind of game then usual?
2. Is it a sequel? Sequels usually have better graphics and more features then the earlier part; unfortunatly the story sometimes goes downhill.
3. Are there screenshots, a list of features, somewhere with any technical descriptions? Depending on the game type, these are very useful.
4. Look at reviews of people who have played it. PCGamer often gets a pre-release look at big games, and they usually have decent reviews.

There are other things you can do, but you get the idea.

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