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AuthorTopic: Looking for recommendation
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I'd like to get one of the Spiderweb games, to support them, and enjoy it.

Can someone who knows them recommend one - I saw the poll and many are well-liked.

I've enjoyed Everquest, Might and Magic 6, Betrayal at Antara, and so on.

I have, and they look fine but I haven't gotten too far, many others like Wizardy 8, Morrowind, NeverWinter Nights, Arx Fatalis, Divine Divinity, and so on.

I don't have enough times for the games I already have, so short is not a negative, and may even be a positive - though it the better game is long, I'd prefer that.

Hard to say what I'm looking for, not knowing the games well and not preferring to put the time into trying the demos etc. Rather get a 'here's the one to get if you like...' summary.
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If you want a short game, Nethergate is your best bet. Many have said that it's shortness is it's only downfall. For overall goodness, either Exile 1,2,3 or Avernum 1,2,3. You should download the demos to try - their free!! And only by playing the game can you decide whether or not you like them.

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Blades of Exile has a scenario editor. Even if you're not interested in making Exile-style scenarios yourself, there's a huge library of third-party scenarios available. Many scenarios are, of course, mediocre or worse, but there are enough good ones to keep you busy for months or years.

Blades of Avernum is similar to BoE in concept and uses the newer Avernum engine. It's more versatile than BoA, but was recently released so it doesn't yet have a large number of scenarios out for it. It's also only available for Mac at the moment, although a Windows release is coming soon.

Of course, if you don't have ludicrous amounts of free time, you'll want something shorter. The Exile series and Avernum series are basically the same games in terms of plot and world, except that Avernum has a completely different game engine and graphical style. Avernum is newer and more "modern", but Exile still has its fans. Exile 2/Avernum 2 is generally considered the best of the trilogy.

If you want something shorter and a little different from mainstream RPGs, consider Nethergate or Geneforge. Nethergate is similar to Avernum in gameplay style, and has probably the most unusual plot of any of the SW games (it's based loosely on the historical Roman invasion of Britain).

Geneforge is a fantasy RPG with touches of science fiction; it also has probably the most overt political themes of any SW game. Geneforge centres around "serviles", humanoid creatures made by humans to carry out menial tasks. The player is allowed to join sects and fight for or against servile rights. It also has a sequel, Geneforge 2, with broadly similar style and themes.

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I started playing the Geneforge's, then went to Avernum's. I think I like the Avernum's better, much more to do.

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You can download demos of all the games to get a feel for them. It's probably not worth bothering with the BoE or BoA demos, though; Exile 3 and Avernum 3 have the same engines and use them to better effect than in the one scenario playable in the Blades demos. Keep in mind that third-party scenarios can and have surpassed the Spiderweb games in plot and technical innovations.

Nethergate gives you two shorter games for the price of one, as you can play as either a band of Romans or a band of Celts. The world is the same, and the plots are parallel but opposite. It's actually handled in quite an interesting way, and I highly recommend it.

One nice bonus is that you can get Nethergate or Blades of Exile for only $15 if you buy another Spiderweb game as well. It's a good deal for either one.

The Exiles and Avernums are, as an above poster (best known as Thuryl) pointed out, games with the same plot on different engines. You only need to play through one demo to grasp the plot, but it's a good idea to try out all three Exiles and at least one Avernum to get a sense of the mechanics. Some prefer the older Exile games, and others prefer the Avernum games. Whichever series you like more, the story centers around the trials and tribulations of an underground nation of banished misfits and outcasts and their interactions with the surface Empire that cast them out, ranging from simple escape to warfare to an effort to save the surface from disaster.

Geneforge is not my favorite, and I haven't registered either of the games. The concept is interesting, and the plot is the most responsive of any of the Spiderweb games. There are numerous endings and ways to advance the story in different directions. The engine just doesn't agree with me.

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I think Thuryl said pretty much everything that needs to be said, and if he missed something, Alorael said it, but I'll just throw this out there: if you want short but good, Nethergate is your best bet. Avernum 3 is my favorite, but it is MASSIVE beyond belief, as are most things that SW releases.

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Too late. My new name ruins your complementary name, although it was good while it lasted.

Here are some more helpful suggestions: do not download or look at Galactic Core, Ocean Bound, or Homeland. They're all made by others but sold by Spiderweb, and they are all legendary for being bad. Lost Souls is good for a few minutes of fun, although it's nothing special. SubTerra is actually quite good, I hear, but we sad Mac users can't give it a whirl.

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