I love the Power Glove!

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AuthorTopic: I love the Power Glove!
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I recall the last days of Misc. with a shudder. If you're going to post irrelevant things, at least make an attempt to create an interesting discussion out of them.

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what the hell? necromantically reanimated topic? O_o

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The monkey has decided, the movie rating is:



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Everyone wants a Power Glove! The Power Glove is ideal for charming girls, as demonstrated in the video. Also, you will generally be refered to as "cool" among your friends, should you wander around wearing this fine device. You'll be the talk off the town! It's your ticket to society!

Last but not least, the Power Glove gives you the ability to manipulate any electrical device (that has been specially designed for this).

Buy your own Power Glove today! Batteries not included.
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I should wrestle the PC from the kids so I can see the movie, but I'm outnumbered 3-1.

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Goodbye, topic.

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