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AuthorTopic: Back???
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JF (Lord of Evil) often attracts voluble disagreement when he posts in the various political and social discussion topics. That is, I think, the main reason he thinks that he is hated. I hope Spiderwebbers can separate debate from dislike, although sometimes I doubt it.

—Alorael, who doesn't hate JF. He occasionally wishes for a few more line breaks, but that's not grounds for more than occasional irritation.
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Originally written by The Lord of Evil:

No matter what I do you people seem to hate me. Look there was a time when I agreed with alot of Spiderwebers opionions on politics. I thick I even agreed with Alec on one topic. But I was hated on this board even more because people thought I was just pretending to be libral to be like the majority of the population on Spiderweb. Actual I am hated on this board. But lucky for me I've been gone so long people here have forgoton how much or for that matter even the fact that they hate me. So I guess I do have a chance to be somewhat liked on this message board.
Wow. Sounds like you got a teency bit of an esteem problem there, fella.
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I hated Doug. Anyway, I was once very hated on this board. And prior to that I was actually made the prime example of Stupidy on this board. And once I was actually banned for insulting people on Welfear. I think I actually broke most of the laws. And ontop of it all I never played any of the SW games. Plus I treatend to kill the President of Spiderweb. If you do not believe me look at my title. But I was gone for so long everyone here forgot what I did that would give them reasons to hate me. And so when I came back nobody hated me because they forgot they hated me so much, due to the fact they forgot everything I did which would give them reasond for them to hate me. Plus when I first joined my gramer was terrible and I was totally incoherent twords the topics.

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Look Ma, I'm banned!
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