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What do you think about PocketPC or PalmOS versions of the classic Exile games ?
Imagine - BoE in your pocket :) )
Maybe this way Exile series can conquer new markets ?

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Not being able to even operate a cell phone, I wouldn't be interested. Stuff like that is just too advanced for me. My family is too far behind in technology. I had to teach myself how to use a computer because neither of my parents can use one.

I have the computer all to myself though. :D

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Well, I really have no experience with PocketPC's but I've heard of them. It could go well for SpidWeb if they did, but then it might not...the world of business is quite complicated. If someone else did it for SpidWeb, it might be worth considering though.

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Hell will freeze over before Spiderweb makes pocket PC games. There's too much work in it.

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