I'd just like to inform you...

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AuthorTopic: I'd just like to inform you...
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I believe they called it, "the tomeato."

Factoid # 7,982,612.2: toe-mah-toe is an acceptable pronunciation of tomato, but poe-tah-toe is not an acceptable pronunciation of potatoe.

Umm... I'm not developementally disabled, I swear!

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I don't think it would be impossible to create a tomacco type plant, although I don't grafting will make this possible since the DNA is still separate, it is just the scion and the roots attached together. Just like if you have a heart transplant your DNA won't mix with that of the donor. Unless I'm wrong... Anyway, crossbreeding might be successful if you pollinate one species with the pollen of another, but they might not fertilize. If you are going for an extreme solution then you can splice their genes together. I heard that the lemon-lime was produced because a lemon tree and a lime tree's root system somehow intertwined and with a healthy dose of magic, a new plant was brought forth into the world. Refreshingly lemon-lime sour.

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Tomatoes and tobacco are only related on the family level - not even in the same genus. I'd say the chances of successfully crossing them are slim at best. Even if you succeeded, I doubt the offspring would bear fruit.
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