Sorry if this is not Spiderweb related. I need advice, and ideas...

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AuthorTopic: Sorry if this is not Spiderweb related. I need advice, and ideas...
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I just chatted online with him. I asked him about the letter. He said it was cute. Wether he said that sincerely or because he didn't want to hurt me, I don't know. He seems quite uncomfortable with me lately. Whatever... he's like that sometimes. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Sorry if this is not Spiderweb related_ I need advice, and ideas__2_files/tongue.gif)

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Sir David (if that IS your real name),

Letters are really good 'cause you can get all your thoughts down on a solid piece of paper then have the responder read them without the opportunity to interrupt. Written word also seems more 'true', or at least it's usually easier to remember.

However, unless you're a fairly decent literary composer, it's difficult to ensure that something you write will be misinterpreted, or the way in which you would've said it will not be misconstrued.

What this means: Letters are brilliant, just make sure you're there when the person reads them, or at least at hand so you can correct any misjudged wording. Boosh.

I've spent far too many hours antagonising over 160 character SMSs to my girlfriend. But I'm a really pedantic git, so hey.

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