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I don't recommend SF RPGs. Except for the Spiderprise, which worked because it was only one level above unadulterated stupidity (I'm talking about the first one. The recent one died a horrible, if swift, death.), there isn't enough freedom-unless it's just an RP stuck on a planet with high-tech stuff instead of magic. Otherwise, once people get on a space-ship they become confined, and action breaks down as only a few people have any ability to mould events without being accused of god-gaming. Especially, it's almost impossible to have a decent-sized subplot on board a spaceship.


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SF worlds, like Fantasy worlds, need to be developed in detail before any game can take place. My theory is that the better developed the world is, the better the RP in that world will be.

Some RPs, for example Sands of Time (I think that one broke down though), worked quite well for a long time. SoT was set in the Exile world, quite developed through the Spidweb games.

Baltazar the Mad worked in spite of being set in no specific world, because the setting was such a small one, with only a tiny island set in the middle of nowhere. People are allowed to bring what they want: Nazgul brings in a whole fallen Empire with Darubia, I bring in magic systems from another world, some others bring magical items from other games. Siris is too small to need good development.

But to have a good RP in a large, well-defined setting, the setting needs a lot of preparation.

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