Who likes XT's

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AuthorTopic: Who likes XT's
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I've got Spectre for DOS, and I know someone who has a Super NES version.


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remember the game, with a dot. that would eat other dots. and these techno-color dots would come and try and eat you. and you could eat the flashing dots and eat them.

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That would be Pac-man or one of the countless variations thereof. You can still see it around today in various arcades, and I have even had the dubious pleasure of playing a high-tech, 3D, and ultimately less simply entertaining version.

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Spectre ... I'll investigate.

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pogo.com tank something or other.

How many games did you have for your commodore? we had about 200 or so.

the amiga really was the bomb, though. Such quality games as kid gloves, cosmic pirates, pirates 2(not related), overlord, who dares wins, who dares dies (related), king(s) of england, Dan Dare, Gradius, Blood Money, and many more. (some may be commodore.)

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