Help me remember my monikers also.

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AuthorTopic: Help me remember my monikers also.
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TM, prepare to be, well, um, anyway this will be kind of hard as I usually only post 5 or 6 time with one name. (Please see topic "Member #'s")

Ford Prefect
Zaphod Beeblebrox
April Fool
Foolish Person
IHEDoVSTaP (intergalactic holographic encyclopedic dictionary of very strange things and people)
Peculiar James
Peculiar Mao (or something like this for the Mao colective)
Strange James
The Carbon Steel Wolverine
Permutonominus Rex
The Plasteel Chameleon
Frod Perfect

edit: correction, additions

ps: are you not posting because you don't
remember or because you don't want to help?

there are many more but no one seems to care, so I lose!

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