Beta Testing?

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AuthorTopic: Beta Testing?
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Do the creators of the games need beta testers? and if so where do I sign up?

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Which games? The ones currently in the works are Geneforge 2 and BoA, neither of which are at a beta-testing stage to the best of my knowledge. Radiant is busy with Leylines and ST2. You can download Leylines from here, and you don't need to sign up to beta-test it. If you want to beta-test ST2, you could check the SubTerra forum and ask there, but I think he's got as many people as he needs.


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Geneforge 2 for Mac is already being beta-tested as far as I know, and the applying deadline has been long over.

I'm not sure about BoA for Mac, but both games (BoE and GF2) for Windows are not yet being beta-tested. So there's plenty of time. IMAGE(Beta Testing_files/wink.gif)

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Arna -> Omelette is correct about Leylines (which, by the way,
is a strategy game).
SubTerra II doesn't require beta testers, instead I'm looking for level
designers. If you want to join in there you would have to convince me
somehow that you're a capable puzzle designer; the most obvious way
to do that would be to send me some samples, preferably from SubTerra 1,
Supaplex, Sapphire Yours, Chips Challenge and/or Diamond Caves II.

(by the way my e-mail is )

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