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Zeviz, as you seem to be in contact with Lady J:

she is housing forums, like for instance Polaris. Could she at least give people the password to up/download things on their own or have a chance to transfer their sites to someplace else? It does not seem quite correct to me to leave them be stuck, as is the case now.

Sorry, I would have posted in the existing thread, but it was already closed. The only alternative for Polaris would be to accept my offer to let someone hack the site to find out about the password. Not so nice, but what on earth shall they do, if they cannot reach her?

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ef: Zeviz doesn't visit the boards very often, so I suggest you PM him.

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He just asked me if Lady J is still around, so he doesn't really have contact with her. His AIM is zeviz1, and that's the most reliable way to contact him.

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