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Anomalies accounted for

As it says.

All anomalous entries in the database (that is, topics whose length does not match up with the number of posts attached to them) are now identified.

The vast majority (about 120 topics) are corrupted because one of the deleted members (such as #21 or #5) posted in them. These will have to be remedied later, once I patch the parser accordingly.

Post by "Unregistered"


When a member (like Saunders) is eaten by the UBB, the posts made by that member show up as made by "Unregistered". I currently have no mechanism in place to allow unregistered posts - database side.

So topics with these posts in them will be tagged as parsing errors until I come up with something. They will not be available for public viewing.

Roadmap to PPP

1. Parse all posts present now.

This will be done with a bit of wgetting, perhaps with a cron job too.

2. Fix known parsing problems.

Includes polls, badly parsed posts, missing quote or code tags.

This only includes stuff that actually causes the posts to be messed up in the database. Display errors can be fixed anytime.

3. Call for PPP2

TODO List - Features

Several features that are begging to be added:

Search engine.

Advanced market research has led me to believe you want it, where advanced market research = you people mentioning it in the first post whenever I post something about PPP on Spiderweb.

Well, there are several different approaches to a search engine.


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