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naming a character in Avernum in The Avernum Trilogy
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Originally written by cfgauss:

Don't read this if you're religious, but...

I like to name my priests Jesus, so I can say things like "Jesus, heal me!" or "they killed Jesus!" (I'm an atheist, what do you expect?) If I have a slith, I like to name him Godzilla, and I often name other people 'Tom Servo' or 'Crow T. Robot' from MST3K!

*snickers* That reminds me of something my friend told me... he said he was playing Halo2 on multiplayer, I think, and one of the people was named Jesus Christ. He turned on the people on his team and on my friend's screen, it said, "Jesus Christ has betrayed you. Press 'X' to eject him from the game." It might not have been 'X', though... I don't remember.

*on topic* I always name my female mage Rhaevyn. I use the graphic of the voluptuous woman with a green dress. The other people are usually random... Mortimer or Morpheus or something like that for a male mage, and Michael for a priest... the leader guy always changes.
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A thing of interest... in General
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First of all, I'd like to say that Malcolm in the Middle is one of my favorite shows. I can actually identify with Malcolm in a lot of aspects (like how nobody ever understands what he's talking about because they don't know much about the topic).

But that's beside the point.

It is rather sad when reality is worse than a lie, isn't it? I agree with much of what "Bireme sailor's concubine" said. The news is oriented on death and despair a lot lately. It's probably for the ratings. I wouldn't know; I don't work in show business (or anything for that matter, since I'm an eighth grader...)

There have been a lot of famous people going on TV and talking about how they were raped/(verbally/sexually/physically) abused/shunned by peers lately, too. I find it sad, yet annoying. Why must they go on national television just to say how bad a life they had and how it's getting good now?

But that, again is off-topic. I think I'll shut up now and let you all talk about the original topic of reality compared to movies and TV shows.
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Let's Play A Game! in General
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I feel sad, being a newbie that can't participate. =\ I'm not well-known enough for anyone to be able to guess me. Drat it all!

...And you know what this game reminds me of? It reminds me of the maze game they were playing at the beginning of "The Source of Magic" by Piers Anthony... an awesome book, that is. [/offtopic]
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