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Side of Victory in Nethergate
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The Romans have 1 small advantage - tool use attributes to item lore and has a base value of INT + DEX / 4, which isnt great but it helps a little. The Celtic farie lore (the opposite of tool use) has no base value.
But there is 1 signifigant advantage to the Celts. its sort of a bug. Bump ur INT up to 4 (which will increase ur druidism to 2) and then increase the war and health circles to 2. Drop ur INT back down to 1, and u can train as high as u want in magic without the hinderance of druidism levels. This works for Romans too, only u cant train in the higher types of druidism.
Using this method, i have started the game with a druid who can break barriers... very useful in the goblin fort.
*Sigh, ive gotta find something better to do with my time
and yes, i have email spiderweb about this.

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