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will spidweb ever change? in General
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i've been playing spiderweb games since exile 2 came out. loved em. but i've noticed a bit of repetition in gameplay. exile went "3d" for the avernum trilogy, and the same "3d" effect went into geneforge... will spiderweb ever go into full motion games? will they stop the .bmp madness and get into real three dimensional gameplay? or will they stay the same 17% (courtesy of pc gamer) they are now? i know they're capable of much much more. the stories are great, but full motion, movies, a more linear storyline (not so off track, random and confusing), music, more detail, and so on would better this company so much. like i said, i like the games, but they can be BETTER. i know they can. i was hoping that spiderweb can implement some of these ideas into their next game. i apologize for the criticism, but when i saw that 17% in a pc gamer cd, i had to take a stand.

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