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Aranea cave (A1) in The Avernum Trilogy
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Does anyone know how to get the "Spider Queen Fangs"?

On reading the guide on the avernum annotated maps, i simply took for granted the fact, that the "Spider Queen" would drop her afore mentioned articles, in the event of her death. Or perhaps one of my stalwart heroes would simply pry them loose from the arachnid's maw.

Imagine my disappointment, when I finally crushed the beast and her simpering minions, to discover, that i was in fact, 1 set of fangs short, of actually having them. After a thorough search, and several derogatory comments aimed at the 8-legged patrons, of this particular |Evil Shrine|, I reloaded and suffered the same fate. A third attempt yielded no result, and i now turn to any A1 Veterans.

Does the "Spider Queen" drop her fangs based on a % chance? Are they hidden somewhere in the room that i have missed? Or am I possibly the first person, to stumble on a Living Bug, in a evil lair, chock to the brim with homicidal, spell-wielding, nasty/mean, ( a shout out to the GIFTS) Arachnids?

If anyone knows, pray tell, because I am so looking forward to wringing a reward out of Phyella for shafting me back in the days of E1 :mad: :D
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