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Spiderweb Demographics 2008 in General
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Age: 22
Gender & sexual orientation: Female, heterosexual
Marital Status: In a relationship
Virgin: Nope
Ethnic Origin: European. Irish-Italian.
Nationality: American. I'm thinking about applying for dual citizenship with Ireland though.
Languages Spoken: English, French, Irish Gaelic
Religion: Discordian
Economics Status: Poor (starving artist?)
Political Leanings: Moderate
Highest Completed Educational Degree: BFA
Primary Academic Area of Interest: Art
Primary Occupation: Got a job - work in a steel fabrication/welding shop
Spiderweb joining: 2008. I was a lurker for a long time though.
Preferred CPU: PC - Used to be Mac but I can't afford the darn things anymore! I still have my trusty G3 though.
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