Eye for an Eye, (Sulfras).

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AuthorTopic: Eye for an Eye, (Sulfras).
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I'm in the Northern Section of the Final Fortress and have entered a Room that the Door slamed shut behind me. There is a large blue Crystal, similar to the Stasis Crystals and four Runes on the Floor.
Because the Door locked, I assume that there must be some method to stepping on the Runes, and/or looking at the Runes and Crystal, to exit this Room; perhaps creating a hidden Door (?).
I've opened three of the four Portcullises to the Portal, so I presume that this is a fourth access to the Basement to another Statue with an arm that must be moved to open the fourth Portcullis, allowing access to the Portal.
I have a 'save' in the Hallway outside this Room, so I can correct whatever I need to, if only I knew what I need to do. :confused:
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Can't believe how I didn't see the solution.
Sorry I didn't see it sooner,
me :(
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