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AuthorTopic: "Not enough memory" problem
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I'm using Carbonized BOE, and I made a fairly large town in the scenario editor. Whenever I enter it, the text box (where it goes "Bug attacks Jenneke) displays a long string of errors like this:

No room for graphic:
debug 0 0 2647

No room for graphic
debug 0 0 2347

and suchlike. Then when I walk into one of the areas with a cat, say, and I'll get a popup error message telling me that Blades doesn't have enough memory to display all the graphics. Graphics it "forgets" look like plain cave floor. It seems to "forget" random graphics each time.

Is there any way I can fix this?
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Use fewer different graphics in the same town: that is, cut down on the number of different types of monster, item and terrain. This bug cropped up sometimes in the original BoE as well, so it's not something that was introduced during Carbonisation.

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Thanks. It sounded something like that from the error messages, but I wanted to make sure before changing my town too much.
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