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AuthorTopic: More on the license.
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I am delaying leaving for my vacation (a whole two nights!) to write this. :-P

When I gave up some of my precious development time to put together and release the source code for Blades of Exile, a project that would not only make me no money but actually create competetion for my protifable endeavors, I knew that there was a risk that I would become involved in the hideous nightmare world of this open source license or that opensource license and this or that code repository and whose code fork is best and all of the perpetual flame wars I have lived a long happy life without being involved in.

But it appears the license I chose for the code will keep people from being able to work on it properly. (Since Google and Sourceforge won't take it. Kudos to them for their purity.) So, when I am back from my vacation, I'll probably put it out under the GPL and put the license on the web site. (I'd prefer not to have to pack up a new version of the code as that eats time.)

- Jeff Vogel

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