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Please don't forget Linux User for BoE opensource !
I can help to test and to debug under Linux.
I know wxWidget, SDL and C/C++ but I don't have a lot of time to convert win16 to wx (or sdl / gtk) myself.

If you have any version to test (or to compile), you can ask it or in PM.

Good luck !

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BoE runs extremely well under Wine, and should run even better once it's been updated a bit. As a longtime Linux user, I'm sympathetic, but honestly I don't see any major reason to do a direct Linux port in the near future. Wine is readily available.

However, I'll be running BoE under Wine directly as well as compiling it under Winelib for my own edification (mostly so that I can fix bugs). I'll be doing everything I can to make sure it runs consistently and cleanly.

The main thing to do is to copy MAIDWORD.TTF to a fonts directory. If you're using a recent Linux distribution with fontconfig/etc., you should be able to just kick it into ~/.fonts. That'll make sure the fonts on the opening screen look correct.

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I can second that call for sdl.

SDL is where it's at for cross-platform 2d game cross-platform development.

It's really simple (Simple Directmedia Layer).

If anybody wants a linux+sdl portable, check out the Nokia 770 or 800. 800x480 res, linux, open-source.

My page of ports is here:

I'd be happy to port any spiderweb games to the nokia tablets, if they use SDL.

cheers! Great games / stories.
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