Dialog/Quest code usability?

AuthorTopic: Dialog/Quest code usability?
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I'm not as familiar with the code as others have become, and I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around the code. I'd like to know, in general terms, how difficult would it be to reuse the scenario code (code related to npc dialog and quests) in another engine/game.

My original idea was to make an adventure game, similar to the old style point-and-clicks, but that had more sophisticated npc dialog and quests and non-linear gameplay.

I figure most people here are working on getting BoE working as it originally did. I'm just curious as I've always loved the quests and dialog in spiderweb games.

Also, I'm not very good with interpreting software licenses, so I don't know if my idea would even be allowed under the open source license. If I were to actually implement my idea I plan on releasing the source code to the public.


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The terms of the BoE license dictate that its code can only be reused in code that is made available under the same license.

In practical terms, though, you're probably much better off writing your own implementation from scratch. BoE is very old and messy; trying to integrate its dialogue engine (which isn't really that complex anyway) into your own code is a recipe for frustration.
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