Flaming Broadsword

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AuthorTopic: Flaming Broadsword
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On my older BoE (Valley of Dying Things) saves, I've got a Flaming Broadsword. On one, I have a pair. But I can't remember where I got it from...

Did I pick it up through the quest or was it from Unger? I'm not sure.

Anyone able to tell me anything?
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Maybe you've used the character editor on your last save. I don't ever remember a flaming broadsword on VoDT, but then again, I never did beat that city of lizards or those hydras. :rolleyes:

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you get the flaming sword in the place where there are all the goblins and a arena with some undead things and to the left of the level is the school mascoct but the sword is up in the top left corner you get it by breaking a wall and there is a special dot about a skeleton chopping it's self up

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