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AuthorTopic: Some graphics
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Does anyone know where to send some BoE graphics I made? Or do you want to put them on your website? there is about 4 of them. Reply if you want them. And if you want them, put your email address to your reply.
And remember to give me credit. :)


PS. They're not the best o' the world, but still. :D
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Search the the sites in

But I don't think any more graphics are needed. There are loads already and BoE is outdated.

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Please, restrain from lying in the future, Bloggs320. There's never enough graphics, and there're always a few new scenarios in the works.

A GREAT new scen. was released just a few weeks ago, for instance, Roots , by Thuryl.

And Anaximander, you could either put up a site of your own ( Geocities, for example) and then ask TM to add your site to his Comprehensive BoE Website List, or you could just e-mail the graphics to someone with an existing BoE graphic-archive. Khoth has one of the largest databases, at the moment.

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