stumblin' feet and faerie blood

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AuthorTopic: stumblin' feet and faerie blood
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I am making a new 4 person celtie party on hard and I am considering stumbling feet for the melee fighters

Is this a bad idea?
will they get hit so much it wont make a difference anyway

I think it's just -dodge am i right?
Is it a large amount?

And what on earth does faerie blood do?
I tried searching but nothing but people asking the same and it isnt in any guide.
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Faerie blood allows that char acer to summon a faerie familiar once per day. It also gives you advantages in some hostile situations involving faeries.

You acquire an item: Radio Free Foil
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As far as I know faerie blood gives you magic resist and an unknown amount of faerie lore.

On a level 1 normal character stumblin' feet seems to reduce your dodge by 10% against goblins.

And 20% on hard against goblins.

On torment I would expect to be hit almost every hit so stumblin' feet won't hurt that much.

On hard I do not know how much you will be hit late game, so I cannot say.
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