More than 2 traits possible?

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AuthorTopic: More than 2 traits possible?
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Anyone know of any way to get more than 2 traits for a character?

maybe some saved game editor or something, the spiderweb one doesn't let me.

tried messing around with the saved game files in notepad but i cant find what needs changing to make it think i have 3
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Well this will be interesting to play with

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I would've imagined it would be possible in much the same way as the Ability Rune in the HLPM in BoA accomplishes this (have some script calls that add traits). I gather that's not what you did.

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Well theres a program called gamecheater which seems to let you search the memory of a program and change values.

My guess is it will allow you to change traits for characters of all spiderweb games that have them.

I imagined my spellcasters as being frail and easily hit, and was annoyed I couldn't take those traits along with druidism.

In the program I used Search/new Search/Advanced and then find to record all values.

Then by going to Search/Continue search
It lets you filter the search list by if the values changed, not changed, increased, decreased since you last searched for it.

with a mixture of ticking/unticking the trait, going to a different screen without changing the trait to home in on the location of the traits location for the character with the filter.

Once you get the hang of it it takes about 30 seconds to find the location of a trait for a character, you could probably give a character every trait there is if you wanted.

you will find there are 4 values that change when you take a trait, so you set those values for every trait you want.

Just setting the last of the 4 values to 1 works fine and ticks it for you.


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