Celt NPC stats bug

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AuthorTopic: Celt NPC stats bug
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Ive reached Vanarium playing as the Celts, and I saved, recruited each of the two NPC's in turn to see what their stats were like, reloading after seeing each, and it seems that their stats are entirely identical- about six points each in all stats, four or five in each weapon skill evenly- apart from Numerius having 4 or 5 points in Tool Use and the celtic woman having the same number of points in Faerie Lore.

This seems weird to me, as Im playing through as the Romans as well, trying to keep the storylines as parallel as I can, and Rhiana and the loyal roman guy both had wildly different stats. Ive read a couple of guides just to check, and they confirm that these two are supposed to have wildly different stats, and certainly not the bland, identical layout that I got.

What happened, and how do I fix it? I don't think I can just recruit the person of my choice and edit, as the save game editor doesn't seem to let you mess with your fifth PC slot.

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